At the beginning of this year(2018), there is a sudden announcement published by Apple saying that Apple would move their data center to GuiZhou Cloud Big Data(云上贵州, referred as YSGZ), which is a third-party company.

Many people objected to that because they didn’t want their data to be watched by another company who may result in potential exposure of their private data. But it seems that there was no use. Someone want to escape this event by moving their account to another countries such as America, but Apple didn’t give them any solutions. Apple said that beginning in the start of January, they give their customers sufficient time to make a flexible decision to choose whether they want to use iCloud services or not. Nevertheless so far, 99.9% of users of iCloud chose to use as before.

It is worried that a bad event happened in the FIRST day when Apple successfully moved its iCloud to YSGZ, a “Technical Guider” threatened a customer by using customer private information, said that he can do anything with customer’s information. And the customer, who threatened by him, did a merely thing that requesting a normal service of Apple. And ultimately, Apple apologize to the customer.

Virtually, Apple has adequate reasons to refuse it, but it didn’t. Can we trust a company who thinks nothing for its users? Answer is obvious.