News from CNET

A few days ago, it happened an unfortunate thing that a 49 years old homeless woman was killed in accident by self-driving car operated by Uber.

In that time, there was a human being operator who has got car driver license behind the wheel. He said that he didn’t see anything until the woman suddenly appeared with her bike in front of the car, so not only the driving system of the car but also he did nothing to slow down the car.

Volvo, the producer of the car, said that they were not involved with this accident in the following announced conference, because there was a human driver who should be involved in controlling car for stopping damaging pedestrian. And the local police said that they were doing investigation for sure the involved responsibilities.

All in all, this accident lets some people questioning who should have duty to us when self-driving car make an accident, The car owner, the producer, the government or the human being driver?

With the developing of the technology, there must be more and more questions like this appearing in our lives, we need to think deeply.