With the development of smartphone, there is an interesting software called Intelligent Artificial Assistant(referred as IAA) appeared to our smartphone. I can’t remember the first IAA but I knew that it is Apple that made this technology popular. Actually, there is 5 famous and handy IAA in our smartphone. All IAA has a base function that they can “talk” with you, though they just finished a search for your question. Talking about Apple, why not we start with its Siri?

  • Siri
    Siri is an IAA only in iOS and macOS devices, it can do something such as navigating, create a timetable, set alarm and so on. But when it meet the situation where it can’t find your question in its database, it will show you a result found on Internet.

  • Bixby
    Bixby is the IAA from Samsung, which made Samsung users easy to use their smartphone. It can do almost all things such as giving out Lucky Money in WeChat, in other words, it will do as humans do, for example, you want to send a message to a friend called, emm, LiHua, to say hello, and you just need to say “Hello, Bixby, help me send a message “Hello” to LiHua.”. Then you can see it will open WeChat, find LiHua, and send a message to him automatically.

  • Google Assistant
    Through its name, you should know it is published by Google. Prefer online searcher to IAA I like to call it because it can merely search what you say. But benefited from Google’s strong searching engine, it works well.

  • Cortana
    It is the IAA published by Microsoft which was used at Windows 10 platform. In the computer, it can do more things than any other IAAs in smartphone. Such as, it can sing lively.

  • XiaoAi
    Published by XiaoMi, I think it means XiaoMi’s AI. Its functions are less than other IAAs and it can just be used on Mi devices.