Yesterday in 2018-03-27, Apple and Mi had their own ceremonies, which published two main device and other branches. I didn’t know that Mi had a ceremony yesterday until I saw a video about its new device Mi Mix 2S.

  • Apple
    Apple’s ceremony is titled for education, so the point wasn’t the new device but the education software. In fact, Tim Cook published some softwares like Classroom, new iWorks and so on. However, which attracted my attention is the new iPad. It is for education so its price is at a low level which is only $329(¥2588). With the most handy electrical pencil in the world, which is called Apple Pencil, you can make note easily in your iPad. As well as you can draw and do whatever you do on the paper.

  • Mi
    Mi’s ceremony published three devices, Mix 2S, XiaoAi Mini, Gaming Laptop. Limited by time, I will introduce them shortly.

    • Mix 2S
      I think it is the most beautiful smartphone in Android league because it has iPhone X’s back. Powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, it is given the most powerful ability to run all applications. It is said that its camera is better than Apple.
    • XiaoAi Mini
      Emm, I think it is a useless product.
    • Gaming Laptop
      Nothing to say because it is expensive to other same laptop. It has i7-7700HQ and GTX 1060 but the price is up to 8999¥.