Now, normal people is interested in a new kind of devices called “Intelligent Soundbox” which is the combination of traditional soundbox and a voice control software recognizing people’s words. It’s use WiFi to connect with another devices and search information at the Internet.

I didn’t know who created this device first, but I know how it becomes popular. Amazon was published the Echo in 2014, which had 25 percent in soundbox users in European and American countries in 2015. About 2017, Apple and Mi publish their own Intelligent Soundbox, attempting to compete with Amazon, one is called HomePod, another is called XiaoAi.

We need to operate devices by ourselves in hand, but that’s changing with the Intelligent Sound boxes and it hopefully means we can use this handy tool to manage our device by speaking. We can control our light, pot and even lock of door.

However, before operating other devices by using soundbox, you need to have another intelligent devices involved in your daily life. Nevertheless, it should be considered the permission and safety of Intelligent Sound boxes.