Apple will publish a new wireless charging device which is called AirPower.
When Apple published its iPhone X which supported Qi Standard wireless charging, I thought it would publish a charging device like wireless charging pad. Now this is the truth.

  • What is the AirPower?
    It is a wireless charging device shaped like a mat where you can put your device supporting wireless charging standard like Qi, which make your device always be full of power.

  • Does it support other device?
    The word “Qi Standard” has someone questioned whether it can be used for charging other device such as Google Pixel. And the answer isn’t sure until Apple’s WWDC in March 27, 2018. If this question intrigued you, you can go to buy a ticket and be alongside Tim Cook to have your question solved.

  • How can I use it?
    Buy it, plug it in and put your device on it.

  • How much will it be?
    Things published by Apple, you know, cheap has no existence.

  • Will this step by Apple change our future life?
    I think yes because EVERY step stepped by Apple has changed our life, from Steve Jobs’s iPhone, MacBook Air to iPhone 5s’s TouchID. Every step has become part of out lives. And now the thing Apple is doing, such as MacBook Pro which used only Type-C interface, iPhone X’s FaceID and this AirPower, will change our life.

  • Wireless charging technology has been applied some years ago, why you think AirPower will change the world?
    It’s easy to answer. Another devices might add the same function, but only wireless charging function, your charging device could just charge your phone, but any other devices still used their own lines. But Apple has a full environment, for example, you are using iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and even AirPods, you may have already be. You just need to buy AirPower and then you can enjoy wireless charging technology in all your devices, and even these devices can communicate with themselves. Some days later, you can see more and more apps support this new device(For comparison, Microsoft Surface Dial has magic functions, there is little apps support it, but MacBook’s TouchBar, almost every apps supported it in a short time.). Then, Android league will add this function quickly, like TouchID and FaceID, then you can see almost all devices support wireless charging function, even a portable electric fan.